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From "Frank Morton" <>
Subject Re: static html from webapps
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 16:12:18 GMT
I'm using mod_jk. So, how would I tweak the config file? Thanks.

> It should depend on your setup.  Do you plan on using tomcat (via mod_jk
> mod_jserv) with apache anytime soon?  If so you can tweak your apache conf
> to try and get the results you want.
> Pat
> Looking through docs/faqs I think the following is true.
> Is it?
> Given a project "xyz" I can serve static .html files out of
> webapps/xyz, but on a production machine it should be
> served out of htdocs. However, there is no way to have
> "htdocs/xyz" and "webapps/xyz" using the same directory
> name, so one of the names has to change. Right?
> Thanks.

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