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From "amit" <>
Subject Please Help
Date Mon, 25 Dec 2000 05:36:20 GMT
Hi All,

I hope someone will help me to make it. (Hopefully......)

System Details of my machine:-
    Tomcat 3.2.1
    Apache 1.3.14 for  WINDOWS
    mod_ssl 2.7.1
    Open SSL 0.9.6
    WINDOWS  NT 4.0 (SP5)

I'm interested to implement ****SSL  w/Apache with Digital Certificate.****
For doing this could u please guide me on following issues :-

Although,there is a good support for mod_ssl and Open SSL for Apache
Most of it is available for  ****UNIX / Linux****  platforms only.
I'm interested to get help for WINDOWS(unfortunately......).

(1) Apart from User Guides for mod-ssl and OpenSSL can u suggest
    some good URLs or any other Ref. for configuring Apache for SSL
    and using Digital Certificate ?
(2) Is it necessary to implement SSL for Tomcat(Application Server) also
     for implementing SSL w/Apache (Web Server) ?
(3) How can we exchange contents of session across HTTP and HTTPS in
     above implementation ? Are any changes required in Tomcat for this
     ( like using different context for secure area of  site ) ?
(4) Is it essential to create a virtual host on Apache for using SSL (for
     that part of the site , to which we want to assign secure connection) ?
(5) Can we establish SSL without using Digital Certificate ? In that case
     reliable it is ?

I hope , I won't get disappointed.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Sansui Software Pvt. Ltd.

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From: Amund Elstad
To: ''
Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2000 7:17 PM
Subject: url-encoding does not work in Apache+Tomcat while SSL is enabled


We use Tomcat 3.2.1 as a backend to Apache 1.3. Apache serves both http and
https (mod_ssl) connections and communicates with Tomcat using the ajp13
(mod_jk) protocol. Our servers run NT/2000.

Problem: Tomcat's session tracking under SSL does not work without cookies.
Running the same application on a non-secure connection works fine both
and without cookies, but under SSL Tomcat's URL-encoding fails.

mod_jk.dll is built with plain 1.3 API, and Apache warns that it should be
recompiled with EAPI enabled. Will a new mod_jk.dll built with EAPI fix the
problem, and if so is there a pre-built version available somewhere ? Or is
there another solution to the problem ?

thanks in advance and best regards


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