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From "Frank Morton" <>
Subject JServ Transition Question
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 14:57:07 GMT
I've been using jserv since the beginning and I'm finally making the
jump to Tomcat. Looks great so far! Good job developers!

I have a number of projects defined that are a mixture of static
html and servlet created dynamic pages. As an example, I have
one project named workspace with a directory serving static
in htdocs named "workspace." In configuring tomcat, I also
created a context named "workspace."

So, to access a servlet within this context, I use
"/workspace/servlet/WORKspace" but want to still access
static html files and graphics using something like
"/workspace/graphics/button-ok.gif" located within htdocs
and served by apache rather than tomcat.

If I'm making this clear, is there any way to avoid this
naming conflict short of changing one of the names?


Frank Morton

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