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From Ritwick Dhar <ritwic...@EASTPOINT.COM>
Subject RE: Can we use IBM HTTP Server ?
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 14:48:21 GMT
1) Yes, you can use Tomcat (I've tried 3.1) with IHS. you'll need mod_jserv
or mod_jk.
2) Since IHS is still Apache, all docs that apply to Apache and Tomcat apply
to IHS as well. You still load the module with a LoadModule etc.
3) You must use IBM's java GUI tool IKEYMAN to create certificates and CSRs.
IBM has its own storage scheme (incompatible with mod_ssl, AFAIK) for
storing these things. Once you have created the certificate, you simply have
to add a virtual host that listens at port 443 and is ssl enabled. You can
then start the server with the usual 'apachectl start'. (no need to do a


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From: amit []
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 2:42 AM
Subject: Can we use IBM HTTP Server ?

Hi All,

(1) Can we use IBM's  HTTP Server (which is based on Apache)
      along with Tomcat ?
(2) If so , where can I get documentation for the integraion of it with
Tomcat ?
(3) Can anyone guide me about the SSL implementation using
      IBM's HTTP Server.

Any type of Ref/Book/URL is highly  wel-come.

With Regards,
Sansui Software Pvt. Ltd. (India)

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