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From "Julio Serje (" <>
Subject Re: [repost] endless loop in jsp
Date Mon, 25 Dec 2000 18:11:13 GMT
Hi, Bruno,

How are you trying to access a page outside a context? I mean, if your
context is "/servlets", mapped (both in apache and tomcat) to /zob/servlets,
how are you invoking something in /zob? if you include /zob in your URL, it
will make no sense for Tomcat.

Probably your problem is associated with a known bug that appears when
tomcat can't find an error page.. What I think is happening is that tomcat
looks for /zob, which is an invalid context (that isn't defined) and you
have defined somewhere an error page that doesn't exist.

Probably defining an additional context  /zob  with docBase /zob may help
you  (but you will be entering another context, and you wont be able to
share session info, etc.).


----- Original Message -----
From: Bruno Raoult <>
To: tomcat users <>
Sent: Saturday, December 23, 2000 11:38 PM
Subject: [repost] endless loop in jsp

> Sorry to repost this question, but I really have no clue.
> The problem is that java grabs 100% of my CPU in some conditions, when I
> try to access some jsp files, and I cannot figure how to solve it.
> Here is the configuration:
> I am using apache & tomcat.  I have some virtual hosts, defined like this:
> <VirtualHost>
>     ServerAdmin
>     DocumentRoot /zob
>     ServerName
>     ErrorLog /var/log/httpd-zob.error_log
>     TransferLog /var/log/httpd-zob.access_log
>     ApJServMount /servlets /ROOT/servlets
>     <Directory "/zob/*/WEB-INF">
>         Options None
>         Deny from all
>     </Directory>
> </VirtualHost>
> In tomcat.conf, I have:
> ApJServMount default /root
> AddType text/jsp .jsp
> AddHandler jserv-servlet .jsp
> And in server.xml:
>  <Host name="" >
>            <Context path="/servlets"
>                     docBase="/zob/servlets"
>                     debug="0"
>                     reloadable="true" />
>  </Host>
> The problem is the following: When I access a jsp file in /zob/servlets,
it works well.
> But if I try to access a jsp file somewhere else (for instance
/zob/foo.jsp), a
> java process hangs, and takes 100% of my cpu. The only solution is to kill
it and
> restart tomcat.
> If I try to access a non existent jsp file in /zob/servlets, I get a
(correct) 404 page,
> but if I try to access a non-existent jsp file somewhere else, tomcat
hangs also
> (100% cpu).
> The problem is that after tomcat begins looping, it becomes obviously
> impossible to access any other page :-(
> Is there something wrong in my configuration?
> Bruno.
> --
> Avec Linux vous avez un noyau, avec Windows des p├ępins.

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