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From "Subha Gowri K V" <>
Subject RE: Running JSP's w/ Apache and Tomcat
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2000 11:13:54 GMT
Hi Dave,

We saw your reply to one of the queries posted in tomcat's forum. Your reply
was -

" What you want to do is to override the root context.  Put this in your
server.xml file:

<Context path=""

Now, you'll also have to create a WEB-INF and it's corresponding
subdirectories (lib, classes, ets) under /usr/local/apache/htdocs, as well
as add a section to your Apache httpd.conf file to disallow access to that
directory like this:

<Location "/WEB-INF">
	AllowOverride None
      Order deny,allow
      deny from all

Then you should be set to go!

Coming from JServ/GnuJSP, this took a while to figure out myself.


This still has not solved our problem. We want to deploy all our .jsp and
servlet class files under htdocs. We were successful in creating a context
for jsp files(by adding a new context in server.xml pointing to htdocs).
However, we have not been able to fetch the servlet class files from htdocs
too. we are not getting what you mean by <location> tag.

Please get back to us asap.

Thanks in advance.


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