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From "Pete Ehli" <>
Subject Re: MSDEV mod_jk.dsp /MAKE ALL
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 08:22:15 GMT
I recently set this up (NT4.0 Apache 1.3.14 and tomcat) and it works for me. You need to download
the mod_jk.dll or you write your own. The docs say "For Win32, mod_jk is available as mod_jk.dll.
If there isn't a prebuilt mod_jk available or you wish to build your own copy, you can build
it yourself from the source"  Why build your own when you can use the .dll available at
You put mod_jk.dll in your modules directory in the Apache web server. Also my installation
of tomcat (which is correct - is in the Apache Group directory in the web server) which is
shown in Professional JSP (wrox book) - follow the rest of the directions in the docs apache-tomcat
howto. You start tomcat first and then Apache - when Apache starts the dos screen says "Apache/1.3.14
(win 32) mod_jk running" and I can go to http:localhost8080:index.html. I assume that my setup
is correct - if not, please someone let me know.
-- Pete --
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From: 张志国 
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 7:55 PM
Subject: MSDEV mod_jk.dsp /MAKE ALL

I want to use mod_jk in the NT4.0 apache1.3.14 tomcat3.21.
I can not find the msdev.exe and mod_jk.dsp files.
where is the two files?


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