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From (Kedar Choudary)
Subject Re: Error 404
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 04:47:41 GMT

There seems to be bug in Tomcat 3.2. It sends 404 on ANY
So if the precessing in you alter.jsp involves accessing certain file, which
is not present, it will throw FileNotFoundException. The exception will be
caught by Tomcat and it will send 404.
Try putting whole of your jsp code with try/catch block, catch the
exceptions and do printStackTrace to locate real problem


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From: nitin mundada <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2000 4:09 PM
Subject: Error 404

> Hi all
> I am facing a strange problem. I am getting error 404:
> File not Found, though file is there.
> I'll explain -- I want to connect to new.jsp, and
> alter.jsp through start.html. when i click on link for
> new.jsp, it works perfectly, but when i link on link
> for alter.jsp, it shows Error 404.
> alter.jsp is there in on the server.
> I tried with other combinations also, like uploading
> new.jsp(as this link was working properly) by other
> name like new1.jsp, and trying to access it, it again
> fails.
> i.e. i am able to access only new.jsp and no other
> file
> Thank u in advance
> Nitin
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