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From (Steve Quail)
Subject MissingResourceException in examples - 3.2 & en_GB locale
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 09:56:43 GMT
     I'm a Tomcat user in the UK, I'm just upgrading to 3.2. When I run the 
     servlet examples (e.g. Hello) they all crash with error 500 
     "java.util.MissingResourceException: can't find resource for 
     I've unzipped the war file and created a 
     file by copying one of the others - doesn't help. 
     Oddly by chance I opened a new window in my browser (IE 5.0) and the 
     servlet renders properly in the new window - until you hit refresh 
     when you get the error 500 - I presume this is a feature of IE 5.0 not 
     properly setting the locale when a new window opens ???
     By the way - anyone know how you change the locale IE sends in the 
     request ? Being Microsoft I guess it comes from the OS (NT 4)??
     Steve Quail.
     [My views are mine, mine alone and do not represent in any way the 
     views of my employer, and all that].

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