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From "Mark Koscak" <>
Subject build script is unable to find lang object?
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 06:21:46 GMT
Hi everyone,

Following on from my earlier discussion. I have installed Tomcat3.2 and am running jdk1.3.
I can run the example Servlets and JSP's provided.

With thanks to Setve Weiss, I have managed to compile my individual java class
provided as a part of the sample application. 

However now when I attempt to use the build script I get the following error message. (The
build.xml script has been modified for the current project). I read once that Tomcat does
not work well with jdk1.3 could this be my problem?

[root@netdev vesselenq]# ./build

Couldn't find or load essential class `java/lang/Object' java.lang.NoClassDefFou

ndError java/lang/Object

./btest: line 13: 4828 Aborted (core dumped) java -classpath $C

P:$CLASSPATH \ -Dtomcat.home=$TOMCAT_HOME "$@"

Here are some of my settings...

I have set the CLASSPATH to include 






The build script...


# Identify the custom class path components we need




# Execute ANT to perform the requested build target

java -classpath $CP:$CLASSPATH \ -Dtomcat.home=$TOMCAT

_HOME "$@"

#java -classpath $CP:$CLASSPATH

If you need any more information on any other system settings, let me know and I shall provide
the information.

Many thanks


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