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From "Andrew" <>
Subject Libs and classes are missing in 3.2.1
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 16:18:51 GMT
    Hello, I've the following problem. I've set up my context in c:\a\b and
place my libs in c:\a\b\WEB-INF\lib dir;classes is in
So there is the problem not libs not classes not detected in web-app
runtime( Root exception: ClassNotFoundException).In case of classes I mean
bean classes used
on JSP etc.- supply classes(not jar'ed) ,defined in different packages. For
example c:\a\b\WEB-INF\classes\package1\class1.class.
class1.class couldn't be found... all the same with packaged lib classes.
    Anybody help!!!
P.S. With tomcat 3.1 all was OK.

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