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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject Re: Class verify errors with large(?) JSP pages
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 16:10:29 GMT
> I have seen in the archives several posts detailing the same problem.
> However I could find no response. Hence I'm posting again.
> OS - Win NT 4 sp6a
> Suns JDK 1.2.1
> Tomcat 3.2 final
> The error occurs with JSP pages with a large number (250+) of taglib
> actions.
> The java source file is generated (500k). The class file is also
> generated (90k).
> When the page is accessed you get the java.lang.VerifyError.

My guess is that this could be something to do with methods not being able
to contain more than 64K of code. How much of the generated source file
is in one method?


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