Make sure you search the archives before you send a question like this again.  It has been answered a hundred times or more.
One more time,
The problem is not with Tomcat, it is something inherent to JDK 1.3 from Sun.  It is a known bug that Sun hasn't fixed yet.  If you want to avoid this, use JDK 1.2.2 or use a alternate java service utility, such as javaservice (  ).
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Subject: Why tomcat NT service get killed when the user log off

Please Help!!!

This is for tomcat 3.2 beta 7 on Windows NT/2000. Tomcat is registed as an NT service using 'jk_nt_service.exe' (under Systemlocal account). It's starts fine but if I log off the windows, tomcat get killed which is not suppose to be. Could anybody tell me why this happen and how to fix it.

-- Zhiping    (ext: 307)