hi all...i'm trying to learn to create applications with jsp but i still can't make apache and tomcat work together. Can anyone send me a brief article about setting them up? Or simply tell me the tricks about it?
-  Platform: Windows 2000 adv. server, Apache 1.3.2, Tomcat 3.1, Jdk 1.1
Things i've done:
   1. Apache web server installed
    2. Tomcat binaries are copied
    3. Tomcat started (with startup.bat script.)
    4...... I can't start apache after i added the line "Include c:/Program Files/...../tomcat-apache.conf" to httpd.conf file. No problem if i don't add this line to httpd.conf file, i mean i can start apache as a service. But it is not enough i guess...Please help me i don't want to give up trying to learn it before i start:)