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From "Ivan E. Markovic" <>
Subject monitoring memory in Tomcat
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 02:21:37 GMT
Another question, probably a silly one; but it has to be asked...

I am having problems tracking memory usage in Tomcat. I am running 
Tomcat behind Apache, behind a very restrictive Firewall and I need 
to be able to profile my Servlets in some way as they run inside 

I seem to be eating memory somewhere and it's not being garbage 
collected. For some reason I am getting Out of Memory Errors. I have 
included one below:

Context log: path="/servlets/VS" Error in RPDFConfirmServlet service() : null

But there is plenty of memory available on the Netra T1 (running Sun 
Solaris); I have about 300MB free! Yet Tomcat sits in 21MB of memory 
and seems not to want to take much more! Uggghh.

So two questions really.

1) How can I encourage or unfetter Tomcat so that it will allocate 
itself more memory for my Java process (what is the restriction and 
where is it handled).

2) Is there any kind of memory profiler that will allow me to 
monitor, in detail, the Java VM under Tomcat. I am running a simple 
Telnet client over SSH.

Thank you. I hope someone will be able to help.

I v a n ...
Ivan Markovic
(+353) 87 2939256
(+353) 1 2982205

114 Lower Churchtown Rd,
Dublin 14,

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