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From "Ivan E. Markovic" <>
Subject log help! Where is System.err going?
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 02:13:38 GMT
This is probably a silly question but I have done my best to solve 
this myself but have had no luck...

Using JServ I knew where my System.err and System.out println output 
went and I could tail the logs. But with Tomcat I seem to be fumbling 
around in the dark!

If I reboot Tomcat inside a shell I see the output appear in the 
shell; when I close the shell I no longer have access to the output. 
I have checked all the logs; servlet.log, jasper.log and of course 
tomcat.log; the latter contains some information but, it seems, not 
all the data that was appearing in my shell.

I found a 'log' file, or what appeared to be a log file called 
tomcat.out but for some reason no log data is being sent there, 
although it appears that it used to! So I am stuck.

I have looked and looked and looked; and an none the wiser. Can 
anyone please set me straight? Thank you.

I v a n ...
Ivan Markovic
(+353) 87 2939256
(+353) 1 2982205

114 Lower Churchtown Rd,
Dublin 14,

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