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From Rob Leachman <>
Subject is the sample Hello World servlet linked properly?
Date Sun, 26 Nov 2000 05:51:29 GMT

I just pulled the docs and sample Hello World project from CVS, about 2
minutes after I got Tomcat built. So I'm a newbie and perhaps a lame one
at that... or maybe it's the example? Oops I just remembered, I went
straight to the apache mod_jserv stuff and didn't try it thru Tomcat
stand-alone, maybe that's my problem.

I think I followed the instructions accurately, but like others on the
list I cannot seem to make the sample servlet work the way it should. I
get a 404 from the demo http://localhost/proj1/ page trying to access the
servlet link http://localhost/proj1/hello -- would think perhaps I should
just use http://localhost/proj1/servlet/Hello except then the image is

LMK what more info I should supply and I'll be happy to do so. Again, this
should be a "stock" build... but of course I probably missed or messed
some important detail.

Thanks in advance!

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