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From Sumit Vohra <>
Subject Tomcat - Error Handler
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 01:39:56 GMT
Hi guys, 

  I have been trying to replace the JSDK web server backend with Tomcat,
and I have a message brokering servlet which works fine on JSDK when
applications connect to it. This servlet brokers both plain and multipart
messages. Now, as I mentioned it works fine on JSDK, on Tomcat, only
multipart messages are going through, plain messages are not. And, also
when I try to connect the monitoring application for the servlet to the
servlet, to get status information  it gives exceptions which it
did not at all on JSDK web server. The exception on server is: 
ERROR: can't find default error handler or error in default error page
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Write is already being used for this

Could anybody please tell me why this is happening and what is the
difference in JSDK Web Server and Tomcat's message handling techniques
regarding multipart and plain. 

I appreciate it. 
Thanks in advance

			-Sumit Vohra (

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