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From David Buttrick <>
Subject Need help setting up tomcat standalone
Date Sun, 26 Nov 2000 03:33:26 GMT
I have setup Tomcat in standalone mode on a server that is separate from my
web server.

I have run into some stumbling blocks regarding getting Tomcat to talk to
the web server. I can hit the Tomcat server on port 8080 and get the default
page, so Tomcat is working. The servlet examples work too.

First off, why does:
ApJMount /examples /root
I do not have a /root entry in my server.xml file...

Secondly, what exactly do I need to run on the HTTP server? Can i turn off
java on the HTTP server? doesn't JServ talk the ajpv12 protocol to the host
where the servlet container is? or do I have that wrong, and I need the java
to make the connection?

Does a context in Tomcat cover servlets in subdirectories? Can I just make
one context in Tomcat i.e.
servlets and then put cocoon in a subdirectory, and then have my
ApJServMount line look like:

ApJServMount /servlets /servlets

and be done with it?



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