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From "Alvin Hung" <>
Subject I18N problems with <@% include file"..."%> using Tomcat 3.1 on Win NT
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

Hi, I am having problems using jsp:include under Tomcat 3.1 on Chinese(TW 
Locale) Win NT sp6.  If I have 2 files:

foo.jsp :
<@% include file="bar.jsp" %> <br> <%="SOME_CHINESE_TEXT(司法院)"%>

<%="SOME_MORE_TEXT(東北季風) %>

And I request foo.jsp, SOME_CHINESE_TEXT dispays fine.  However, 
SOME_MORE_TEXT is displayed incorrectly.   I found this problem discussed in 
postings back in March.  Is this bug fixed?  How do I get around this 
problem? Thanks for your help.


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