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From "Marc Saegesser" <>
Subject EmbededTomcat question
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 01:43:53 GMT
I'm beating my head against a wall with EmbededTomcat and I'm hoping someone
here can help me out.

Here's where I stand.  I've got an application that initializes the
EmbededTomcat class.  I can access a servlet using the HttpConnectionHandler
on port 8080.  My servlet gets instantiated, init() gets called, doGet()
gets called and everything seems OK until I get a NullPointerException in
SessionInterceptor.beforeBody() because the context manager has not been
initialized by calling SessionInterceptor.setContextManager().  What am I

Also, I'd like to use AjpConnectionHandler so that I can use IIS as my web
server.  I don't see anything in EmbededTomcat to create an
AjpConnectionHandler endpoint, only HttpConnectionHandlers.  I added a new
method, addAjpEndPoint(), to do this and it seems to work (of course I get
the same null pointer as above).  Is there anything wrong with this

BTW, shouldn't EmbededTomcat be named EmbeddedTomcat :-)

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