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From "Marc Saegesser" <>
Subject RE: EmbededTomcat question
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 14:27:16 GMT
No, I'm talking about Tomcat and embedding a servlet container inside my
application.  I'm only vaguely aware of what JBoss is and I'm certainly not
doing anything with it.

I realize that EmbededTomcat doesn't know anything about server.xml.  I
didn't mention anything about server.xml in my original post.  I don't want
to use server.xml.

My question was how can EmbededTomcat work without initializing the context
manager for the interceptors.  Either I'm missing the step where this
happens or I'm missing the steps to make setting the context manager

In any case, I have the source.  I can make it do anything I want.

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From: Dominique BATARD []
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 3:49 AM
Subject: Re: EmbededTomcat question

You'r talking about JBoss ?

Forget it, EmbededTomcat doesn't care about server.xml.


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From: "Marc Saegesser" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 2:43 AM
Subject: EmbededTomcat question

> I'm beating my head against a wall with EmbededTomcat and I'm hoping
> here can help me out.
> Here's where I stand.  I've got an application that initializes the
> EmbededTomcat class.  I can access a servlet using the
> on port 8080.  My servlet gets instantiated, init() gets called, doGet()
> gets called and everything seems OK until I get a NullPointerException in
> SessionInterceptor.beforeBody() because the context manager has not been
> initialized by calling SessionInterceptor.setContextManager().  What am I
> missing?
> Also, I'd like to use AjpConnectionHandler so that I can use IIS as my web
> server.  I don't see anything in EmbededTomcat to create an
> AjpConnectionHandler endpoint, only HttpConnectionHandlers.  I added a new
> method, addAjpEndPoint(), to do this and it seems to work (of course I get
> the same null pointer as above).  Is there anything wrong with this
> approach?
> BTW, shouldn't EmbededTomcat be named EmbeddedTomcat :-)

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