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From "David Molloy" <>
Subject session.getSessionContext();
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 16:17:31 GMT

	I'm trying to write a simple Snoop servlet for my system
and have run into a small problem while porting from JServ to Tomcat.
I have sessions working for authentication etc. - however when I use

HttpSessionContext context = session.getSessionContext();
System.err.println("Context = " + context);
System.err.println("Enumeration = " + context.getIds());
System.err.println("NextElement = " + context.getIds().nextElement());	

The Enumeration doesn't give an error but it doesn't fill up, despite
the fact that there is definately a session open (you need to be
logged in to use the snoop servlet).  For some reason the context
doesn't seem to have any Ids, and hence the next line gives a
java.util.NoSuchElementException: VectorEnumerator

I've been looking for docs on any changes in session but didn't 
find any.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...thanks.

Dave Molloy

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