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From Brian Hammar <>
Subject RE: error in loading shared libraries, GLIBC_2.1 not defined
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 15:00:53 GMT
Sorry, I answered my own question.  JDK 1.3 requires a later Glibc than I

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From: Brian Hammar []
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 9:48 AM
To: ''
Subject: error in loading shared libraries, GLIBC_2.1 not defined

I'm attempting to start Tomcat 3.1 on a machine running Redhat 6.0.  When I
do, I get the following error message: 

/usr/local/jdk1.3/bin/i386/native_threads/java: error in loading shared
libraries: /usr/local/jdk1.3/jre/lib/i386/native_threads/ symbol
sem_init, version GLIBC_2.1 not defined in file with link
time reference       

I'm using Tomcat 3.1 release build.  I've installed the Jdk 1.3, and placed
its root folder in my path.  I've set the TOMCAT_HOME environment variable
to "/usr/local/jakarta-tomcat", which is where it's located.  I've set
JAVA_HOME to my jdk root folder.  

Has anyone seen this error before?  Are there system requirements that are
not outlined in the documentation such as a minimum GLIBC version and the

Thanks for any help. 

Brian R. Hammar 

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