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From "ann patil" <>
Subject Tomcat - Fresh data not brought forward
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 02:41:25 GMT
    I have developed an application that allows insert & update
of records in the database.The problem I am facing is when I insert
or update the record the inserted or updated record is not brought

ie. If I execute the application, screen to insert the data is presented 
with blank fields.I insert the data successfully than exit
the web browser and log in again try to view the inserted record
but shows screen with blank feilds as displayed at the time of 
inserting.Only after I shutdown and re-start Tomcat the inserted or updated 
record is shown.


JDK 1.3 (Java)
Tomcat  (using servlet for cretaing the transaction)
Oracle8i 1.5 (Database)

Can anybody please help me out ?

What am I doing wrong ?


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