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From "Leonard Marandiuc" <>
Subject Request for Tomcat system requirements info
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 10:26:35 GMT

Please send me the following information about Tomcat 3.1 ASAP:

1.  How much disk space and RAM are needed to install (and optimally
    run) Tomcat on a SunOS 5.6 Sparc machine?
2.  With which version(s) of the Apache server is Tomcat able to work
    on the same machine (SunOS 5.6 Sparc)?
3.  In order to build the web server adapter "", the Apache
    module "mod_so" must have been compiled into the binary file
    "/apache/bin/httpd" in order for Apache to provide shared object
    support.  How to compile the Apache module "mod_so" into the binary
    file "/apache/bin/httpd"?
4.  In order to develop and compile servlets (in Java) within Tomcat,
    which servlet development application to use and how to make Tomcat
    and this servlet development application work with each other?

Thank you for your assistance on this matter.  Please send your reply to
the addresses or telephone listed below.

Leonard Marandiuc ("", (954)958-4942)
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