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From "CPC Livelink Admin" <>
Subject RE: out.write() method
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 17:05:54 GMT

Maybe its that you need to replace "\n" with "<BR>" (Break Line) to get the
new lines in HTML, since HTML ignores the formatting of the input text.
(Unless you use the <PRE> tag I think)

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Choe []
Sent: Monday, November 13, 2000 11:44 AM
Subject: out.write() method

i am writing a web based mail client in jsp.  i have tomcat3.2 running
on a freebsd machine.

i am using java mail package and have managed to connect to the pop
server and get a list of the unread mail.  but when i try to view mail
that is just plain text something strange happens.

the message is just printed out without some return carriages.


 Hi, one more question:) THe PrintWriter class has both write and print
method. THe one i saw in your notes is the print method. What's the
difference between the two methods? thanks, Ge Sun >From: Peter Choe
>To: "GE SUN" >Subject: Re: CIS9771 MW6--SemiColon?? >Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000
08:18:57 -0500 > >i have found that not using the semicolon works on most
databases. the >only thing i can say is >that with the database try it
without the semicolon. if you get a >sqlexception, try it with the
semicolon. > >but i think that in general you don't need the semicolon
because the JDBC >driver should translate the SQL >statement to the
appropriate format for the database. > >as for my example, it is a
typographical error. it should be: > >stmt.executeUpdate("UPDATE coffee_bean
SET price=10.99"+"WHERE bean='FRENCH >ROAST'"); > >peter choe > > >At 10:46
PM 10/29/00 +0000, you wrote: > >>Prof Choe, >>While reading JDBC short
course, text book, and your notes for this >>section, i was confused of the
use of semicolon inside a query. Some of >>the statements included the
semicolon at the end of sql statement, some >>didn't. >>For example: >>1
one with semicolon: >>ResultSet rs=stmt.executeQuery("SELECT programmer,
cups FR
but when i view this in a java application and use System.out.println()
to print it is normal.  when i looked at the code in the works
directory, i noticed that the code say out.write() where out is an
object of JasperWriter.  how can i print this message with the correct
line carriages?

peter choe

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