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From "Amrhein, Thomas" <>
Subject AW: News Group needed desperately
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 07:48:43 GMT
Hi all!

> ...
> What is more important, though, is a different principle -- 
> having a newsgroup
> instead of a mailing list would disenfranchise all of the TOMCAT-USER
> subscribers who are behind firewalls that do not allow access 
> to newsgroups.

I agree, I am behind a firewall and I cannot access newsgroups.
I can give an example.
Everybody knows that BEAs support is very very worse (if you have
no super special gold support and we don't). We know, that BEA has 
a very good newsgroup for support, but we can not read that.
We had a problem but we could not solve it, because the phone
and email support could not help us (or is still waiting..;).
So we decided NOT to use BEAs products.

This mailing list is very good. There are archives you can search.
And the few newbies who are asking question that are already answered
several times. I don't worry. Perhaps they don't know yet where
the archives are.

If you want to read threads.
You can sort the messages by thread.
I think that's what you want.

> Therefore, I do not consider this to be a viable solution to 
> mail "floods" -- if
> your mail reader doesn't support what you need to deal with 
> mailing list
> volumes, I would suggest that you get a new one.
> Craig McClanahan

Thomas Amrhein

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