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From John Tangney <>
Subject Re: getting mod_jk to compile on solaris
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 06:32:17 GMT
Thank you! This did it. I must have spent hours on this problem. I saw and
fixed the $CFG_LD_SHLIB but I don't know enough about gcc and Solaris to
have fixed the -G

By the way, I did a totally standard install of apache, so I don't know why
configure failed to set up those variables...

Thanks again

On 11/16/00 4:51 AM, Student7 SNT at wrote:

I'm not subscribed to this group, but I recently had a problem with getting
mod_jk to compile on solaris....

I noticed a lot of people having the same problem but getting a reply back
that this was because the code for mod_jk was buggy. This is innacurate. The
problem is with the apxs file. If you have not set your config right before
you did an install of apache, you might have a problem.

The problem comes when it attempts to group *.o into one big
This should be done with "gcc -G -o *.o" but instead, the apxs
file will probably try " *.o" obviously soliciting an error. After
a bit of rooting around in the bowels of the apxs script I found that you
need to set up the following lines:

my $CFG_LD_SHLIB      = q();          # substituted via Makefile.tmpl
my $CFG_LDFLAGS_SHLIB = q( ); # substituted via Makefile.tmpl

to read: 

my $CFG_LD_SHLIB      = q(gcc);          # substituted via Makefile.tmpl
my $CFG_LDFLAGS_SHLIB = q( -G); # substituted via Makefile.tmpl

I assume that if you set your config right in the first place this wouldn't
happed, but if you have any problems with compiling mod_jk on solaris then
try this.. 


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