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From "Larry Rogers" <>
Subject Re: trouble with startup
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 03:40:15 GMT

See comments below:

Chris Huisman wrote:


>I am having a hard time getting tomcat to perform properly.  When I attempt
>to start tomcat in the background using bin\startup I get the following
>         The system cannot find the path specified.
>I am using Windows NT.  Any ideas?  When I run bin\tomcat start from the
>command line, a new command prompt window pops up extremely briefly.  How do
>I check to see if tomcat is running or not?

It's not running.  I just went through this pain myself in moving from Linux to
NT (I have to use NT as work).  My NT system was doing exactly the same thing
when I had something wrong in server.xml.  When I took out the problem elements,
the second console window stayed opened and announced that Tomcat was running.
See how I did the install at the end of the message.

>Another question, where is the standard location for servlet classes???  I
>have the core servlets and JSP book and it says in Tomcat 3.1 the standard
>location for classes is either:
>         install_dir\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes
>                   OR
>         install_dir\classes
>Neither of these exist.  Where do I put my class files?

After I got Tomcat started, the directories were created.  It would have created
them when it deployed the war files that come with Tomcat.

>Also I am trying to configure tomcat into apache, and it says after adding
>the include file, you should also copy the jserv module to the apache
>libexec directory.  Where can I find jserv, and where is the libexec

Use mod_jk.dll instead of jserv (see my notes below).

>Here are my classpath, and tomcat home files.  Please let me know if they
>are incorrect.


>TOMCAT_HOME = 'install_dir'\

>Thanks in advance for any help.

>Chris HUisman.

Hope this helps,



Here's what I did on NT:

* Installed Apache and successfully requested home page from c:\Program
Files\Apache Group\Apache\htdocs\ at the address http://localhost/

* Installed Tomcat 3.2b7 as follows (Tomcat User Guide):

1. Unzipped the tomcat binary files into c:\jakarta-tomcat and set environment
variable (TOMCAT_HOME) to point to it.

2. Set environment variable JAVA_HOME to point to c:\jdk1.3. Made sure c:\jdk1.3
was already in my PATH environment variable.  After rebooting (Windows! :-( ), I
was able to request samples pages from http://localhost:8080/

* Connected Apache to Tomcat as follows (mod_jk HOWTO):

1. Obtained mod_jk.dll from

2. Tried to configure Tomcat using Ajpv13 protocol, but Tomcat would not start
(exactly as you described!), so I dropped back to the default Ajpv12 protocol
(i.e., do nothing to server.xml) and Tomcat start up fine.  Someday I'll figure
out the Ajpv13 problem.

3. After Tomcat started up, it generated a mod_jk.conf-auto file.  Included this
file in httpd.conf (in c:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\conf\) by adding
this line at the bottom:

     include c:\jakarta-tomcat\conf\mod_jk.conf-auto

Then I stopped Apache and Tomcat, and restarted Tomcat, then Apache and I was
able to retrieve files as above.

Then I also set up Tomcat as an NT service as follows (NT Service HOWTO):

1. Downloaded jk_nt_service.exe from the same address above and saved it in

2. Edited the following lines in file in


3. Installed service by running from c:\jakarta-tomcat\bin

     jk_nt_service.exe -I Tomcat ..\conf\

4. Started up service using

     net start Tomcat

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