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From Aron Kramlik <>
Subject TC32b8 build fails for me
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 19:52:27 GMT
Hello everyone,

I just downloaded the sources for beta 8 from
I have been successfully compiling and upgrading most
revisions of 3.2.  The last one I did was beta 6.

I got a problem with beta 8 today after getting tomcat and
the servletapi from the above location with the beta 6 version
of the jakarta-ant and the usual jaxp and parser jars.

The error output was:

[root@akramliklnx jakarta-tomcat]# ./ 
Buildfile: build.xml


build.xml:33: Could not create task of type: copy because I can't find it in
the list of task class definitions

Total time: 0 seconds

Please tell me what I have done wrong, it must be something at my end.


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