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From Alex Carrillo <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.1 crashes when closing ODBC connection
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 14:29:15 GMT
I had a similar problem using JDBC/ODBC, Tomcat 3.1, Java, and SOAP 2.0.  I send my request
to Tomcat, get my response back (DOM element) without problems. But right after I get the
response, Tomat crashes (Java.exe application error - the memory could not be read).  

I am running the following software:

*	Windows NT Workstation v4.0
*	Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 for the Client
*	Apache Xerces Java Parser 1.2.0
*	Apache SOAP v2.0
*	Microsoft Access 97
*	Microsoft Access ODBC driver
*	JAVA 2 SDK, Standard Edition, Version 1.2.2 for the Server
*	TOMCAT Version 3.1

Any help is appreciated.

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Julio Serje ( []
> Sent:	Tuesday, November 14, 2000 10:25 PM
> To:; Hany Hassan
> Subject:	Re: Tomcat 3.1 crashes when closing ODBC connection
> Hany,
> I run a little site in an NT with using the  ODBC-JDBC bridge (and Tomcat 3.1...) and
everything works fine. Can you be more specific?
> - What set of ODBC:JDBC drivers are you using (Use the one that comes with JDK1.3...)..
> - To what type of database are you connecting
> If you can send a code snippet with your connection to the database, it may help. It
seems it isn't a Tomcat pb,as it fails also with JSDK.
> Julio
> 	----- Original Message ----- 
> 	From: Hany Hassan <> 
> 	To: <> 
> 	Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 9:45 AM
> 	Subject: Tomcat 3.1 crashes when closing ODBC connection
> 	Hi,
> 	I'm using tomcat 3.1 with apache on WinNT. I'm doing both Servlets, JSP and also call
some classes from the JSP files. I do creae a connection object to the ODBC. But whenever
I close the connection object tomcat crashes (shuts down) and gives an "access violation"
message. If I do not close the connection, it just works fine, but I feel it's unclean not
to close the connections.
> 	Could there be something wrong in what I'm doing? It also happened with another friend's
code. It could be helpful to say that when I was using the JSDK (Java Servlet Development
Kit) which comes with a simple servlet server, I had the same problem, too.
> 	Thank you,
> 	Hany Hassan

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