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From Stefán F. Stefánsson <>
Subject RE: Some pointers in getting SSL in Tomcat 3.2
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2000 08:58:45 GMT
If you want to be able to access your pages through HTTPS you have to
specify that the server should use port 443 to handle in the requests
(this you do in the server.xml file on the <Connector> tag).  You also
have to build the Tomcat 3.2 bX from source with the JSSE in the
classpath.  It is NOT enough to download the binaries from the jakarta
web site and follow the instructions in server.xml.  You have to build
it from source (and make sure that the JSSE files are in the classpath).

Regards, Stefan.

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From: Steven Peterson []
Sent: 27. nóvember 2000 06:11
Subject: Some pointers in getting SSL in Tomcat 3.2

Hi all:

I want to get SSL working on a Tomcat-only (no Apache) machine and am
having some SSL beginner's difficulties.

I have downloaded Tomcat 3.2beta (8, I believe) an installed it on a
Windows NT machine, configured server.xml and created a JSP/Servlet
application that seems to work fine without SSL.   However, when I try
to talk to the application through SSL, (by calling the same application
pages through https:// instead of http://) the server simply does not
respond.  I have loaded JSSE, updated the security properties file, and
generated a key for "tomcat".

1.) Am I correct in assuming that SSL works by simply calling up
existing pages through https instead of http?
2.) Is there a step-by-step guide anywhere to taking advantage of SSL on

Thanks for any pointers.

- Steve

Steven Peterson, President
Frontier Productions, Inc.
310 Wesley Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Tel: 919-942-1386
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