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From "Roytman, Alex" <>
Subject ContextInterceptor.removeContext() does not get fired for all co ntexts (3.2b6) BUG?
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 01:32:02 GMT

I was struggling with my interceptors trying to figure out why all resources
do not get freed up and then I realized that
ContextInterceptor.removeContext() does not get consistently fired for every
registered context.
When I print list of all contexts from ContextManager in engineShutdown() it
shows all contexts for which  removeContext() was not fired.
I suspect they do not get removed somehow.

I also noticed that when tomcat shutdowns it prints 
"Removing context Ctx( /irg )" but not for ALL registered contexts (even
without my interceptor)

I also attaching my previous message about multiple invocation of a
interceptor when the same class implements both RequestInterceptor and

The ContextInterceptor.addContext() gets fired twice. 


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