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From Mike La Budde <>
Subject Re: how to create war file
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2000 16:58:57 GMT
At 11/27/2000 04:44 PM +0000, you wrote:
>Dear List
>I'm a beginner on Tomcat can any one tell me how to create war file and 
>where to place it for a very simple "hello world" jsp program.

1) You can use the jar command. E.g. Navigate to your classes directory and 
use this command:

jar cvf myapp.war .

2) You can simply use winzip (or equivalent) to create a zip file and 
rename it to have a war extension.

3) Use j2ee graphical method of creating a war file.

4) Check your ide, some will help you create one...

5) Use the new war task in Ant 1.2



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