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From Mike La Budde <>
Subject Re: tld file location
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 17:12:36 GMT
Looks like a spelling error "urn" should be "taglib-uri", no? (Assuming 
that this error is generated when parsing your web.xml file.) You might 
also check your test.tld file for errors....



At 11/15/2000 10:18 AM -0600, you wrote:
> > org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to open taglibrary test.tld :
> > Parse Error in the tag library descriptor: Element "taglib" does not allow
> > "urn" here.
> >
>I went through something similar yesterday. The problem is probably in your
>web.xml, which isn't conforming to the definition in /conf/web.dtd. web.xml
>has to have its elements as follows (optional elements have a ?, the order
>is essential):
><!ELEMENT web-app (icon?, display-name?, description?, distributable?,
>context-param*, servlet*, servlet-mapping*, session-config?,
>mime-mapping*, welcome-file-list?, error-page*, taglib*,
>resource-ref*, security-constraint*, login-config?, security-role*,
>env-entry*, ejb-ref*)>
>Taglib elements are further defined as follows.:
><!-- The taglib element is used to describe a JSP tag library. -->
><!ELEMENT taglib (taglib-uri, taglib-location)>
><!-- The taglib-uri element describes a URI, relative to the location
>of the web.xml document, identifying a Tag Library used in the Web
>Application. -->
><!ELEMENT taglib-uri (#PCDATA)>
><!-- the taglib-location element contains the location (as a resource
>relative to the root of the web application) where to find the Tag
>Libary Description file for the tag library. -->
><!ELEMENT taglib-location (#PCDATA)>
>Dave Harms

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