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From David Oxley <>
Subject RE: workers - loadbalancing
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 15:48:15 GMT
I haven't yet got round to trying this but....

I believe the worker.ajp13.lbfactor parameter is only the priority of this
worker (not the number of processes). You must start your own processes
seperatley as in virtual hosting and set up your
worker.loadbalancer.balanced_workers to point at the various workers you
have set up. You must then swap your config in mod_jk.conf from using ajp13
or ajp12 to use lb.

i.e. Something like this:




worker.loadbalancer.balanced_workers=ajp13_1, ajp13_2, ajp13_3

The better the machine (or less busy) set the lbfactor for each worker


-----Original Message-----
From: Christopher Blasnik []
Sent: 13 November 2000 13:11
Subject: workers - loadbalancing


I am currently working on a virtual hosting solution for JSPs / Java
Servlets for my company
fyi: i am using redhat 6.2, tomcat 3.2 beta6 (eagerly awaiting the final
3.2) and the SUN JDK 1.2.2 as the platform for all of this

i am doing all fine configuring virtual hosts and i think i have
(almost) all security issues covered;

the one thing that confuses me about tomcat and / or the JDK i use is
the following:

isn't tomcat supposed to spawn more than one process when configuring
worker.ajp13.lbfactor=10 for example ? or did i misunderstand the
(rather scarce :-) documentation ?
somehow i think that this depends on the JDK that is used:
in the beginning, when i was still experimenting with (apache)jserv and
different java servlets, i used blackdown's jdk 1.2.2, and every time i
restarted apache and therefore the servlet engine / container, at least
4 or more java processes were spawned
but using the same configuration and instead of JDK from blackdown using
SUN's java development kit, only one! process was spawned from the
start! - the same now with tomcat (although i havent tried it with any
other JDK than SUN's yet, i must admit)

Or did i misunderstand the whole issue, and the loadbalancing is done in
some other way ?

I hope someone can shed some light on this!

signing confused-and-hopefully-not-sounding-too-newbieish,

christopher blasnik

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