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From Stuart Farnan <>
Subject RE: System properties
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 16:53:52 GMT
OK marvellous,

I get all that, TOMCAT_OPTS is not my first choice if it is just basically
the command line.  On the subject of using a startup servlet to do the work
of reading the info and passing it on to the utility classes that need it,
this is an option, but would mean writing a servlet for to do this, and
also, anywhere else I use the utility classes, they would need to be
'initialised' in the same way by some other class in the other application.
This would of course have to happen before the class is used, and I had
thought that is should be possible to encapsulate all the details of the
connection pooling in one place, including the actions of reading the system
properties file.  Yeah, all the stuff is in process, no separate database
access server.

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