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From Steve Mandl <>
Subject tomcat iis howto
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 17:51:12 GMT

     I have a suggestion for an addition to the tomcat iis howto document. 
I have a printout I got from
under winnt troubleshooting, step 4, you should add that the user iis is 
running with must have access to the isapi_redirect.dll, and the root of 
the drive . Otherwise you get a stop sign icon when creating the virtual 
directory. Also the user the web server uses for anonymous authentication 
(iusr_machinename) needs access to isapi_redirect.dll. This isn't that much 
extra stuff to add, and even though it might better belong in the 
documentation for iis, iis is poorly documented and these permission 
problems are very common when doing anything exotic with iis in general.
-Steve Mandl
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