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From Olivier Baillard <>
Subject PHP-JAVA multitask?
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2000 15:21:47 GMT

I have a question about the servlet extention of PHP from Sam Ruby. If 2 
people try to connect at the same time on the PHP servlet, than Tomcat 
crashes. I hat the problem too that the PHP servlet doesn't work really 
good with frame. Then I implement the interface "SingleThreadModel" in the than I works good.

But in every case, IT IS NOT STABLE!!!!!

I check and check and check my tomcat configuration, compile with all 
possible JDK and this piece of code it not stable.

Now, I would like to go inside and understand why it is not stable. It's 
not a easy work because you can't really debug and the "Java extension for 
PHP" is wrote in Java, C and JNI. I wonder the writter of this code and 
would be happy about all suggestion about how can I debug with such 
different languages.


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