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From Olivier Baillard <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.2 beta and PHP
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 18:36:09 GMT
Hello Christian,

I'am happy to see someone else in the world has tried to use PHP and Tomcat 

Sooo!! Which version of PHP work (or doesn't work) on Windows?

For the moment, I only really try on SUSE 7.0. with Apache. Which results 
did you get?

Personally, I get the following:
- exchange of simple data like boolean, string, int, double and array of 
string (String [][] for example).
- I wrote a class who is running in Tomcat to make some request from PHP 
and give the result to PHP. Problem: it crashes sometimes. I compiled PHP 
whit jdk1.3 from SUN and run Tomcat whith the samke jdk, adn know it seems 
to be stable. But....!!!!!
- with phplib, I can use common session variable with PHP and Tomcat. The 
adavantage: you can reach the session variable from PHP and from others 
Java classes/applications.

The problems I found:
- Generally, php as servlet doesn't seems to be really stable (Tomcat 
crashes, not really often, but I am not hapy with it).
- Sometimes mit Tomcat hang up (it doesn't answer to www request).
- if I make an include in a  PHP file and use the same include later, I 
become some strange result : page not completly downloaded.

Bye! / Tschuess!

O. Baillard

At 18:38 15.11.00 +0100, you wrote:
I've tried this as well, and was really happy with the results. However please
take into account that the windows versions of PHP are quite different in 
of stability. Some versions just fail to cooperate with Tomcat, crashing
reproducably, however most versions work just fine ... :-)
Olivier Baillard wrote:
 > I would kike to know if somebody already have some experience with tomcat
 > and PHP working as serlet (with Tomcat). If somebody has some interest, I
 > would be happy to exchange my own experience. I get PHP to work with Tomcat
 > 3.2 beta 7 on Linux with Java extension. You can exchange data between PHP
 > and Tomcat, use Java classes/beans. I know, some people will say me : use
 > JSP, you stupid idiot!!!!!! But the purpose of it is to use the flexibility
 > of PHP (whith html) and the power of Java together. Later we will connect
 > our Web-Application with some Software of us.

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