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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: connection pool
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 22:30:13 GMT

Landaluze Produktions IS - Carlos wrote:

> in the tomcat conf file (server.xmlk) i have see that there is a conection
> pool for oracle and mysql

This is not actually a connection pool.  It is configuring which JDBC driver
will be used by the JDBCRealm module to look up users for container-managed
security.  You can certainly use SQLServer for this as long as you have a JDBC
driver that supports it -- the details for how to configure the parameters for
this driver should be in the driver's documentation.

The basic entry in server.xml would look similar to the others -- you would
replace the class name with the class name of the driver you want to use, modify
the username and password parameters, and then set up the connection url however
the driver's documentation tells you to.

> 1.- is posible to make a conecion pool to a MSQL server?
> 2.- if a am using a JDBC driver (rmijdbc) and the SQLserver ip is
>, how can i make a conection pool to this database?
> i dont known how can i do it?
> please help me
> Thaks
> Carlos

Craig McClanahan

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