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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: send redirect question
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 20:45:46 GMT
Rick Bosch wrote:

> we have several jsp pages that call beans.  Some beans for one reason or
> another will redirect a user to another page, howver in some cases its
> possible for a redirect to occur and if the logic of the bean is to continue
> writing after a reddirect the client get messed up pages usually the
> original then some http headers and then the new page.  How is it jsp pages
> are somehow "aware" of a redirect but if i call a redirect from a bean it
> seems to be ignored???

Deep down, a JSP page is just a Java class.  And the Java language has no
concept like the setjmp()/longjmp() combination of C, where you can change the
logical flow of control with what amounts to a "go to" statement to a completely
different method in a completely different source file.

When you call response.sendRedirect() -- or RequestDispatcher.forward(), which
has the same basic issue -- control will ultimately be returned to your page
when the method you just called returns.  It is up to you to add a "return"
statement afterwards, to stop creating the remainder of the current page.

The only time that this is done for you by the container is when you use
<jsp:forward>, or execute a JSP custom tag that tells the container to skip the
remainder of the current page.

> thanks
> -rick

Craig McClanahan

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