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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: is the sample Hello World servlet linked properly?
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2000 23:42:07 GMT
Rob Leachman wrote:

> Doh. Someone asked and got an excellent answer to this issue just 4 days
> ago... so nevermind, I'm lame, I'll try to do better.
> Hey speaking of, I would like to contribute at least a little bit to the
> project. Tomcat provided the encouragement I needed to get CVS working,
> and while I certainly wouldn't want to take on a "committer" level... I
> spent quite a bit of time reading the
> but did not see how I could send in a patch (to the doc, for instance) for
> consideration.
> So, maybe that's a better topic to ask for a reply on? If I drafted an
> "improvement" to the doc, how would I submit it for review? Just blab it
> to the developer's mailing list? gulp

Yep :-)

Because the documentation is almost totally in text files of some sort, you can
submit patches to the docs the same way as you would for code patches -- by
including them (in the format defined on the Guidelines pages) in a mail message
to TOMCAT-DEV@JAKARTA.APACHE.ORG.  One of the existing committers can then
evaluate the suggestion and incorporate it as appropriate.

I wouldn't get too nervous about it -- we all started our involvement somewhere!

Craig McClanahan

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