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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: WebApp Classpath
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 21:48:15 GMT
Dan Smith wrote:

> Hello,
>     First, I saw questions on this same subject in the archives, but no
> responses.  So if this has been answered already, sorry, but I missed it.
>     In short, I want my web-app to use different version of the xml parser
> included with Tomcat v3.1.  I know I can alter the classpath on startup, but
> that doesn't seem right to me since (hypothetically) other 'web-apps' running
> under the same Tomcat server may want to use the original.  So, how do I
> 'prepend' to my web-app's classpath without affecting other wab-apps?  Is this
> possible?

Tomcat 3.1 has hard coded dependencies on the particular parser in xml.jar.
Under Tomcat 3.2, you can use any JAXP-compliant parser.

On the general question of ordering the search path for class loading, this is
not configurable in any Tomcat 3.x version.  For Tomcat 4.0, the webapp classes
are (in effect) prepended, because that is what the servlet 2.3 spec says to do.

> Thanks,
> Dan

Craig McClanahan

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