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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: News Group needed desperately
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 07:42:44 GMT
Miles Daffin wrote:

> I have been on this list for a week or so now and I am flooded with mails
> everyday. When this happened on the Orion Interest list I had no choice bu to
> unsubscribe. The sheer volume of mails (50% of which ask ill considered
> questions) suggests the need for a news group, maybe two. The virtues of doing
> it like this are numerous, e.g. threads can be viewed, followed etc. It simply
> organises the mails better, allowing me to filterwithout cluttering up my
> system first. Who can set this up? Craig (I know you are a busy fella)? Miles

Yes, I am busy :-), but that is not why I'm not likely to act upon this request.

None of the virtues you mention are compelling reasons to establish a
newsgroup.  After all, many mail readers (including Netscape Communicator, which
I use) can do exactly what you ask for.  For example, I have a message filter
set up that copies all messages with a "To" or "Cc" of
TOMCAT-USER@JAKARTA.APACHE.ORG into a folder containing only those messages
(actually, I have one of these folders for each of the 30 or so mailing lists I
subscribe to, totalling over 600 messages a day).  Netscape, like most mail
readers, allows you to specify a threaded organization for such a folder, which
is my default approach to dealing with mailing lists.  Now, I can concentrate on
a particular list when I want to -- *exactly* as if it were a newsgroup.

What is more important, though, is a different principle -- having a newsgroup
instead of a mailing list would disenfranchise all of the TOMCAT-USER
subscribers who are behind firewalls that do not allow access to newsgroups.
Therefore, I do not consider this to be a viable solution to mail "floods" -- if
your mail reader doesn't support what you need to deal with mailing list
volumes, I would suggest that you get a new one.

Craig McClanahan

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