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From "Michael J. Suzio" <>
Subject Re: News Group needed desperately
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 22:19:32 GMT
I don't care as much about volume per se as I do about content.  To be
utterly blunt (as we should be, geek to geek), people are asking a lot
of bad questions here.  By bad, I don't mean the questions are stupid --
we all start out ignorant.  By bad, I mean these are questions that
either do not belong here at all (because they are not Tomcat-related)
or they are questions that are answered by plenty of non-interactive
resources available to the determined RTFM-er.

I am less interested in a newsgroup than I am in a periodic posting.  I
lack access to a box right now where I can easily hack up such a thing
(Obligatory Unix-guy rant: NT sucks!), but I'd be glad to assist in
reviewing any proposals for what such a thing might look like.

I am eager to help people, but I will not help those who won't help
themselves.  Work a little harder, people, you're probably getting paid
for it (and if you're not getting paid, then you're cheating yourself
out of learning if you have others hold your hand for you all the time).

I saw this same sort of thing happen to the Perl newsgroups a few years
back, and the net effect was that the real gurus stopped answering
questions, because they got annoyed at how little an effort people were
willing to put into figuring things out before posting a message.

To some, this might seem cold.  All I can say is, back in the good old
days, "RTFM" was a *polite* response.  

But enough on-list discussion of this.  It's tomcat-users, not
tomcat-flame-flame-flame. ;-)

Michael J. Suzio
Lead Software Engineer -- ISS Southfield

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