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From "michael e. brubaker" <>
Subject Can't run servlets or jsp--how can I tell if Tomcat is running?
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 17:51:59 GMT
I'm obviously a newbie, please be patient.  I read the docs and searched
the faqs and archive, lurked through the tomcat-user emails for the past
five days.  I am now throwing myself on the mercy of the user-group....

I have attempted to install Tomcat on my Win98 system in conjunction
with jdk1.1.8. (I don't know which version of Tomcat and I don't know
how to find out; it was the release build available 11/15, probably 3.1)

I unzipped to the C: drive, set the %TOMCAT_HOME% to c:\jakarta-tomcat,
set %JAVA_HOME% to C:\jdk1.1.8, and added many items to my CLASSPATH
(see autoexec.bat below.)  The jdk1.1.8\bin was already in the PATH.

At different times (with the same result) I ran the startup.bat from
both Windows Explorer and a DOS window (and then re-ran after fixing the
out-of-environment-space error by adjusting the Initial Environment

The results I got were a separate DOS window titled "Finished-startup",
which read
        Starting Tomcat in a separate window
        Using classpath:  C:\jakarta-tomcat\classes.....<<major snip>>
        Invalid directory

I tried running the sample jsp and servlet program found on
C:\jakarta-tomcat\doc\appdev\sample\web\index.html to no avail.

The jsp shows unprocessed jsp commands; clicking on the servlet example
yielded  "Netscape is unable to find the file or directory named
/CI/jakarta-tomcat/doc/appdev/sample/web/hello".  I couldn't find the
file either, but I did find "" under doc\appdev\sample\src.  I
moved it, tried again, no luck, renamed it "", no luck,
changed the main class declaration to the lower case hello, compiled it,
no luck.

A different plan of attack:  I type in the "HelloWorld"example from
Marty Hall's book; it won't compile- unable to import javax.servlet.*,
and javax.servlet.http.*, plus all of the associated error messages.

At one point I tried modifiying the startup.bat, still no luck.

I finally deleted all the relevant directories, did a fresh re-install,
with a clean autoexec.bat, and it's still not working.  But I'm getting
a slightly different error message when trying to compile the Marty's
sample HelloWorld code:

error: File .\ServletException.class does not contain type
ServletException as expected, but type javax.servlet.ServletException.
Please remove the file, or make sure it apppears in the correct
subdirectory of the class path.

I deleted the ServletException class and tried to re-compile and got a
similar error:

error: File .\ServletException.class does nto contain type
ServletException as expected, but type javax.servlet.ServletException.
Please adjust the class path so that the file does not appear in the
unnamed package.

I really don't know what that means.  I don't think Tomcat has started
running, but I don't know how to check.

A few other miscellaneous notes:

   * I included the %JAVA_HOME%\tools.jar in my CLASSPATH, but tools.jar
     dones not exist anywhere on my hard drive.  But it was in the
     startup.bat where I modeled my CLASSPATH settings from, so I left
     it in.
   * My CLASSPATH also lists %TOMCAT_HOME%\classes;  I don't have this
   * Marty Hall's book says the servlets should be placed in the
     install_dir/webpages/WEB-INF/servlets directory.  I don't have
     one.  The example servlets are found in
     C:\jakarta-tomcat\src\javax\servlet directory, so that's where I
     put my HelloWorld

MANY THANKS to everyone;  I sincerely appreciate whatever direction you
can give me.  I've been trying to install for two weeks now, and I'm
just  ready to start coding....  :)

Michael Brubaker
Java Developer Wannabe,
Orlando, Florida

Contents of autoexec.bat:


C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\NETWOR~1\VIRUSS~1\40~1.XX\scan.exe C:\

set TOMCAT_HOME=C:\jakarta-tomcat
set JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.1.8

set CLASSPATH=.;..
set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\webserver.jar

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