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From "Michael J. Suzio" <>
Subject Re: News Group needed desperately
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 17:49:45 GMT
I somewhat agree.  At the very least, can people read the documentation
and FAQ *before* asking questions?  The same questions get asked over
and over and over again...  most of which are answered in the
documentation, the FAQ, or the archives of this list.  I mean, come
on... *I* just started using this package a week ago, and I found
answers to all my questions.  Do people check other resources first?

I'd suggest a periodic posting to the list (with some easily-killable
subject line so I can auto-delete it <g>) that enumerates where to find
answers to frequent questions, with a *stern* suggestion to exhaust
these first.  We should also suggest what *doesn't* belong on the list.

(Now watch, after posting this I'll ask some stupid question when I get
stuck <g>).

Michael J. Suzio
Lead Software Engineer -- ISS Southfield

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