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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Server-Side Includes (was Re: JSP and embedded servlet call)
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 19:09:56 GMT
Kurt Bernhard Pruenner wrote:

> "Lacerda, Wellington (AFIS)" wrote:
> > Why don't you use the plain <jsp:include> ?
> Because the page is an shtml page that's handled by Apache, and since it's
> possible to include JSP-pages that are handled by mod_jserv with the old JServ
> I'm curious why this shouldn't be possible with Tomcat. Also, all our html
> pages are actually treated as shtml pages, but we really don't want to
> a) change all of them to JSPs
> b) have all of them handled by Tomcat for performance reasons
> (FYI, shtml pages are handled by mod_rewrite for Apache, and #include
> virtual="..." allows you to include any other page that can otherwise be
> served by Apache, except that it mysteriously doesn't work with pages that
> come from Tomcat, while it _does_ work with the older JServ... that's why
> we've got both JServ and Tomcat running on our server currently, which of
> course isn't really preferable... :/)

It would be feasible to add SHTML support to Tomcat.

What this would take is creating a servlet to do the appropriate parsing and
processing, and map it to the "*.shtml" extension.  You might even be able to
start with the Apache JSSI servlet (at <>) and modify it as
necessary to reflect the changes in the servlet API since 2.0.

However, no one to date has volunteered to add this feature.  If someone wants to,
I'd be happy to integrate it in.  Any takers?

> --
> Kurt Bernhard Pruenner --- Haendelstrasse 17 --- 4020 Linz --- Austria

Craig McClanahan

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